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I am an experienced visual Artist, Animator, Designer and self-taught Developer and Producer for several successful flash-based games.

I’ve learned a huge amount producing my own games and even managed to earn a living off one or two of them!
I’m at the point now where I’d like to work with the best in the business and be involved in bigger, more awesome games.
My skill set is firmly in art and animation, but one day I aim to be a game artist, designer and creative director.




In the Flood Runner series, you have to run and stay ahead of the flood, avoid obstacles and in some cases, destroy the enemies.

Flood Runner takes the running platform genre to the next level.
There are many areas to explore, giant creatures to battle and items and upgrades to aquire.



Flood Runner 4 is the latest version of the Flood-Runner™ Series.
Features in-game achievements and an Upgrade system. Released mid 2012. 

Read JayIsGames Review
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Released in the first quarter of 2011, it has currently over 10 million plays world-wide and counting. It averages 20K plays per day.

Flood Runner 3 is a Mochi Flash Game Friday Winner. View blog.
Read the Flood Runner 3 Review from JayIsGames here.


Flood Runner 2 is the popular one in the Flood-Runner™ Series.
Released in the first quarter of 2010, it has currently 15 million plays and counting.

It has over 2 million Facebook Likes, and over 87K Google+ Likes on alone.
Flood Runner 2 was chosen to show off the performance of the Tegra chip. View Clip.



Flood Runner is the first game in the Flood-Runner™ Series.
Due to its popularity, I decided to add more to the series.

Released in the last quarter of 2009.
It has currently 8 million plays and counting. 



Zombie Slicer™ is a fighting game.
You collect coins to purchase new swords, shields and outfits.
There is a combo system, and 30 levels of upgrading to do.
New moves and magic ice moves to unlock.
View the Promo here.

Play Zombie Payback



Monkey Boy was one of my first attempts at creating a game back in 2004.
It came full of bugs, but was still fun to make and play around with.

In the game all you do is collect the red gem in each level to progress while jumping
off walls and avoiding obstacles.



DEFEND THIS, is a tower defence game.
The genre is popular and In wanted to see what I could build.


This game is nameless, although 'Global Cooling' rung a bell with me.

The idea was that the menu screen was your house. As you progressed in the game, your house would get bigger and better and the environment would become cleaner and greener.
By exploring the world, you would collect items and parts and build necessary equipment, such as solar power panels and running water.



This game is based on the board game 'RISK'.

The idea is to rule the lands and conquer your enemies.

The battle system would rely on your dice throwing skills to take over the adjacent
piece of land.


Elemental is a game I built in 2004 for a company I worked for at the time.
It was my first platformer game.

I have learnt alot since making this game. Maybe I will try bring it back to life.

It had such a cool endding :)



This game I made for myself. I love ninjas, so I built a small game.

Story: When walking your puppy, it suddenly gets run over by a crazy old lady and she drives off. You see a helicopter on the roof of a near by building. You break in, and over come obstacles to get to the helicopter in order to persue the old lady.
next thing you fly a helicopter, land on a skyplane, parachute down and battle the lady. - fun stuff!!


In 2006 my role at Break Design focused on the development of mobile Flash Lite games for various clients.

Break Design is an independent research & development studio that create digital experiences for the mobile market.

We split ways when Break Design moved to Singapore to expand their International Market. We still keep in contact and occationally work on new projects.



A taste of the illustrations I do. I wouldn't be able to keep up and upload them all.
So here are just a few to get you started.

These drawings on the left were all sold in an exhibition 2006.

Click the Images to view


Some Digital art.

My Digital illustration is very different compared to my pen illustrations.

I prefer to work with a 'pretend' light source.



Here are some extras.





A beautiful pre-school show about a princess and her pet dragons.
I was a senior animator on this show.

(52 x 11 min episodes)




A beautiful pre-school show about a growing boy named Caillou and his family.

I was a senior animator on this show.

(26 x 24 min episodes)



A beautifully scripted and animated style with adult humour.
Mr Bebe is a baby with the intellect of a 50 year old.

I was a senior animator on this show.
(12 x 8 min episodes)




I was a senior/lead animator on Urbo. The show was animated entirely in Flash.

We made a total of 3 seasons.
(52 x 26 min episodes)





I made these when I first started getting into animation.

Click on the images to play them.




All these Banner Templates were built to work on Localstars Ad builder.

The colour, images, text and logo are all editable.
This allows the customer to edit the template to suit their industry.



All of these Ads come in all standard sizes:

MPU - 320 x 250
LEADERBOARD - 728 x 90
FULL BANNER - 468 x 60
SKYSCRAPER - 120 x 600



This is a concept for an interactive expandable Ad.

The idea is to use your mouse cursor to punch the boxing bag. While doing so,
the banner slowly expands and breaks away revealing a broken wall which looks
like you are looking through the website itself.

A video clip the animates in and starts playing.




I am not yet in the game industry, but that doesn't stop me from playing
around with designs and layout ideas.

Hopefully these will help with my gaming portfolio :)



These images just show some asset designs and a visual representation
of what needs to be in the game.

This is an excellent way to get a better understanding of the work process
to follow.



I had the honor of being apart of these productions done by 'Fly on the Wall', Cape Town.

Far Left: Tagging Toilets. (short film) - Actor
Middle: Impropriety - one voice one heart (Music Video) - Actor
Right: Circular Paintiing - Artist



I have always wanted to build a marble rollacoaster machine.

This was my first attempt.



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